Sol is the Latin name for the Sun. The Black is slang for the deep void of space. Solarian Black is the space around the sun, our solar system, rapidly filling with satellites and signals. The world becomes more deeply interconnected every day, and as we build that network we expand up and out, into space.

The promises of the futurists have come upon us at last, and they were all wrong. Solarian Black explores this new world we find ourselves in, an unforeseen future full of paranoia and wonder in equal measure. Explore the abstract nature of the universe with our Fractal Flame Collection, check out our lovely array of shirts and other apparel, or delve into the world of big ideas, desperate entrepreneurs, and poor impulse control represented by our Startup Executive Collection. And above all else, watch this space: much like the future we’re living in, we’re always coming up with something new and unexpected.

The Team

CONTROL is at the center of this particular circus, directing its acts and patching over its flaws as best he can. He is a man with a background in programming and marketing, an enduring love of sci-fi and fantasy, and a tendency to think things through too much.

Sometimes, he is known as Adam.



NATHAN is a musician, artist, and programmer with a deep and abiding interest in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and electronic music. The variety of fractal flame art sold by Solarian Black was created by him.

Sometimes, he is known as Underwhelming Force.

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