FILE_NOT_FOUND Men’s T-shirt

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The world is looking more like a cyberpunk dystopia every day, with both Big Brother and the grassroots panopticon of social surveillance watching you 24/7. Algorithms analyze your every move for threats to national security or chances for corporations to profit and advertise. No matter how you try to hide, you’re in the system.

Or maybe you’re not. Maybe the data is corrupt, information is missing, and the digital shadow you cast ends abruptly before it reaches your feet. Maybe you’re a ghost in the machine, or maybe you just aspire to be one.

Either way, this shirt is [error] [file_not_found]

Our soft vintage-feel t-shirts come pre-washed and pre-shrunk, making sure that your size and color will hold up with time.

• 100% ringspun cotton
• Pre-washed
• Double-stitched neckline
• Crew neck


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